• Zinc die casting alloys

    Excellent surface suitable for surface treatment of high mechanical characteristics Environmental impact under control: less energy, sustainability molds, raw material available in large quantities on the planet, recycling

  • Fonderie sous pression des alliages de Zinc

    Parts of industrial subcontracting sophisticated castings under pressure

    visible parts of a perfect finish for prestigious items

  • Outillage Progress

    Design, development and manufacture of new products.
    88 years of hindsight to advise you in the realization of your parts

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    Products in accordance with the specifications defined with our customers.

The company OUTILLAGE PROGRESS specialises in pressure casting of Zinc alloys (Zamak)

These alloys have exceptionally good casting properties allowing very high precision parts with complex geometry to be obtained by injection.

Created in 1929, the company is set up at Nazelles-Négron (Amboise in the French department of Indre-et-Loire) and has four main workshops:

  • A foundry shop with 13 high-power injection presses ranging from 5 to 240 tonnes.
  • A deburring shop with tribofinishing and shot blasting systems.
  • A machining shop with various conventional machines, transfer, carrousels and machining centre.
  • An assembly shop with various stations created and designed for fitting sub-assemblies.